Mr & Mrs C. Johnson

It has been over a year since working with our HOPE counselor. The coaching sessions have opened our eyes in viewing how we handle our finances. We are more aware of where our money is going. We are not “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” It is a comforting feeling not having to fret over pending bills or unexpected expenses. We are better prepared with our funds. One of us was not good at math. The thought of creating a budget was unsettling at first. However the counselor’s openness, sincerity, and patience with us to see that we succeeded made this whole process comfortable and inviting for us learning and trusting this process. We valued her advice in using a pencil when creating a budget. That was a turning point for us. This made us realize that we did not have to be perfect. It made us feel at ease to take this new journey with her. We know more now about credit scores and how to dispute claims on our credit. We also know more about credit usage and having a realistic budget each month. This experience has blessed us and we are so glad to have gained this knowledge we were very eager to learn and accept change for our family. Now we’re glad we had HOPE.