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HOPE has been Helping Others Progress Economically since 2009. We have forged our own financial transformations and have helped hundreds of clients to do the same. Our network of professionals have extensive backgrounds in banking and finance, credit counseling, education, and support of military service members and their families.


The HOPE with CARE difference

HOPE offers one on one COUNSELING with a proven, documented record of success!  Allow us to design an action plan to meet your specific goals.Schedule an appointment today.
HOPE's credit correction counselors will be the ADVOCATE between you and your creditors in the dispute and repair process.  Know that you have a team of professionals working on your behalf.  Order your credit report right away.
HOPE provides assistance in identifying the appropriate communityRESOURCES  equipped to help you progress economically. HOPE is affiliated with a nationwide network of service providers to help you transform financially.  Contact us to speak with a counselor.
HOPE offers online classes on a variety of subjects affecting your financial future.  Our web-based technology makes it easy to learn on the go.  Sign up today.